My Forge/Title Update wishlist

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My Forge/Title Update wishlist

Post by Teancum »

Before anyone gives a naysaying comment, I want to point out two things:

1) This is a wishlist. As much as I absolutely adore Reach and Forge, I'm mostly venting about what's missing.
2) This update *IS* possible. Though each map stores everything it needs (NPCs, weapons, objects, etc) a hard-coded hack can enable a second, "shared" map to load these extra objects. This could be accompanied by a free multiplayer level that's required for any sort of multiplayer. The title update can be programmed to require anyone attached to LIVE (including Silver folks) to download the map, which includes Forge updates and goodies

Common objects to all maps (I.E. not just Forge World):
(NOTE: New Spartan armor, Elite classes and weapons would be accessible in Firefight as well)

Spartan armor
*Mark IV (chest, helmet)
*Mark IV Prototype (helmet) --as seen in Halo Wars concept art
*Hyabusa (chest, helmet, shoulders)
*Defiant (helmet)
*Mark VI/MC (helmet) --a solid colored, Master Chief styled helmet. No black bill, no white stripe on top

Elite classes
*Heretic (Halo 2)
*Heretic Commander (Halo 2)
*Honor Guard (Halo 3)

Weapons, Human
*Battle Rifle
*Assault Rifle, MA5C (for nostalgia, Halo 3 weapon that looks like Halo 1 & 2's AR)
*Turret, Gauss
*Missile Pod

Weapons, Covenant
*Brute Shot
*Particle Beam Rifle
*Covenant Carbine
*Spike Grenade
*Incendiary Grenade

*Elephant (max of 2, only on larger maps)
*Spectre (Halo 2)
*Brute Chopper
*Brute Prowler
*Falcon, Attack (pilot gun returns)
*Falcon, Gauss (same as above, but side turrets are gauss guns)
*Falcon, Transport (only side guns, two accessible passenger seats)
*Wraith, Anti-Air

*Man Cannon, Forerunner (seen on Tempest)
*Man Cannon, Heavy, Forerunner (seen on Tempest)
*Man Cannon, Light, Forerunner (seen on Tempest)
*Man Cannon, Massive (three of these side by side would make the man cannon on Avalanche)
*Grav Lift, Large (similar to something like in Construct)
*Grav Lift, Large gold (a gold color of the above)
*Teleporter, Classic (the Halo 2/3 style - retains Reach's functionality)
*Teleporter, Retro (Halo 1 style - retains Reach's functionality, not part of the teleporter frame)

*Ammo crate
*Barrier, Jersey (also known as a K Rail)
*Drop Pod, Human
*Drop Pod, Covenant
*Drum, 55-Gallon
*Energy Blocker (various sizes of forcefields for various doorways)
*Floodlights, Broken
*Hologram, Halo ring
*Hologram, Cortana
*Generator, small
*Generator, large
*Power core
*Signs (various)
*Weapon holder

Items common to major Forge maps:
(Structures are now broken down by faction/type, with their own subcategories as needed)

Structure, Human
*all Foundry objects, plus more color variants of the Containers as seen on Last Resort
*Various metal buildings as seen in Reach
*Concrete for basic building blocks/ramps
*The rooms from Chiron TL-34, with ramps removed. Rooms would be inter-connectable as though the teleporters were never there, plus have an outside viewable surface
*The wheel and its cradle from Zanzibar
*Various Turf/Terminal/District-styled buildings
*Pelican (prop - can be used as a crash site)
*Pelican, crashed (same as above, but in a few pieces)
*Albatross (prop)
*Albatross, open
*Teleporter frame, grey (a la Boarding Action)
*Teleporter frame, red (a la Chiron TL-34)
*Yellow walls from The Pit, now changeable by team color

Structure, Forerunner
*All existing objects
*Base, Valhalla (could be broken into multiple pieces)
*Beam emitter (sends out a Forerunner beam - team color determines beam color, and parameters can be set to have it emit a pulse)
*Beam terminator (used to end a beam)
*Various specific bits from Halo 3 maps (not a lego kit or anything, but enough that the very seasoned can recreate them well)

Structure, Neutral
*All pieces from Sandbox and Sandtrap

Structure, Natural
*All existing rocks
*Various grass pieces, multi-sized and multi-sided with different elevations to allow for "reshaping" of landscape or creation of a new island
*Ditto, but sand and dirt variants
*Various rock walls on the scale of the colosseum wall, multiple shapes to allow more organic encasing of a level (anyone else bothered by colosseum wall enclosures?)
*Rock, donut? (a giant, mildly deformed circle, useful for multiple arch variants)
*Rock arch, tri (an arch, but it has three 'legs')
*Tunnel, rock (not just an arch, but a tunnel of decent length)
*Tree, small
*Tree, medium
*Tree, large
*Tree, large, felled (a tree that has fallen to the ground)
*Tunnel, tree (a hollow tree, fallen, that is now a tunnel)
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Re: My Forge/Title Update wishlist


NAY! NAY! :runaway: I couldn't resist.

Seriously though, I agree with this list. :P
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Re: My Forge/Title Update wishlist

Post by Labj »

Good list, i agree with almost everything.

I want my brute shot back...

Oh, the falcon with gauss cannons sounds... And i am being serious... Disadvantageous, since (at least it has some stabilizing sistem) the gauss cannon firing power would push it everytime it fires.

And since i love support weapons, i agree with the missile pod and flamethrower.

And i still want firefight with drones, and scarabs.
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Re: My Forge/Title Update wishlist

Post by Teancum »

Some modders have found several pieces in the armory that were hidden. Only two of them can be accessed on retail machines, and they have to be hex edited and resigned. Even then I'm tempted...

The two retail-capable chest pieces:

The mods below are possible on a JTAG'd 360 (modded) only. These *could* work on a retail if 343I knew about them, but there's no real way to get them to take notice.

Visor color mods, and are spawned from the "red visor" rumor.

Mix'n match attachments. Similar to Jedi Academy, attachments are just part of the model that's turned on or off. Having more variants of these would be easy and cheap to develop.

Unused armor pieces. These are simply model pieces and have no data such as cost/rank/text associated with them to make them work in the armory by default, thus why they're JTAG only.

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