Bactaweek 1 - Officially Over

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Bactaweek 1 - Officially Over

Postby arramus » Sat Jul 02, 2005 12:49 pm

[GT] played its first two games and lost both of them.

[GT] arramus and [GT] Dark Trooper took on LRRP and came off worst. [GT] Dark Trooper did well but I was pinging at 200+ and was probably shooting into thin air when I could see someone in front of me. I let the side down :cry:

The only kills I got were when people came at me head on and in a straight line. :lol: Couldn't miss then.

If I host then my opponent will have the same trouble and I'm left with an ethical question of whether it should be me with low ping getting all the kills and my team mate and opponents 'lagging' out. :lol: [GT] are administrating both SWBF (guru) and Republic Commando (myself) so I don't want to upset the community.

Maybe I should just stick to the 4vs4 matches and do a good job as cannon fodder??

Talking of numbers, [GT] has currently got 3 members affiliated to Republic Commando so if you have a copy of the game and fancy playing in future 'Bactaweeks' then please affiliate. This tournament also allows for mixed clan events which adds an interesting twist.


Yeah, me and [GT] Deth Metal played a mixed clan with LRRP against DS and we won our first game.
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RE: Bactaweek 1 - Update

Postby DethMetal » Sat Jul 02, 2005 4:11 pm

Latest update, GT is currently holding 4th over all, and moving up!

EDIT: 3rd, people! Keep it up!


RE: Bactaweek 1 - Update

Postby arramus » Sat Jul 09, 2005 11:26 am

Well [GT] finished 4th out of 8 registered clans. We were third until right at the last moment but the team below us put in a spurt of games and accumulated enough points to push us down a slot.

We had 3 [GT] members and could REALLY do with some more should you be inspired to buy the game just to help us. lol

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