Defiant Map Pack

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Defiant Map Pack

Postby Nova Hawk » Tue Feb 15, 2011 11:37 pm

I thought about creating a new topic for the Defiant mappack coming out next month instead of continuing to discuss it on the main Halo Reach thread.

The Defiant Map Pack is the second mappack released for Halo Reach containing all three new maps consisting of Condemned, Highlands, and Unearthed. More news about the mappack can be found at the link below: ... &cid=30646

All these maps looks really well done, I'm excited most for Condemned, it looks pretty cool and kinda reminds me of playing on the Death Star.

Without further adieu, here's the Defiant Map Pack trailer:

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Re: Defiant Map Pack

Postby Grev » Wed Feb 16, 2011 12:01 am

The one difference I almost immediately noticed from Bungie is that, the trailer at least, seemed much less cinematic or focused. The music mixing was good. However, I always get the impression that Bungie has a goal in it's trailer: the Reach Beta trailer was actioney, somewhat claustrophobic with the number of soldiers feel with a heavy bass, and generally Bungie's work seems to have a defined scope, which I felt this trailer lacked.

But what the heck, it's a trailer.

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Re: Defiant Map Pack

Postby Teancum » Wed Feb 16, 2011 10:20 am

I want to qualify my complaint by first saying that it all looks great -- at the same time the environment (I.E., wooded, snowy, beach, mountains) all look too similar to other Reach maps and locations. The first three games had more variety. I understand the game is based on Reach, but DLC for multiplayer shouldn't have to be limited by that. I'm also waiting for a Covy-themed mutliplayer map with some good Forge abilities, as well as "ports" (not really a port, but something similar to) Foundry and Sandbox. Having some Forge-based variety will be what brings me back to Reach. Heck, having some non-Forge-based variety would be great. Put us aboard a Covy ship for something other than Firefight, bring in a Flood-based map, how about a map basic around some underground lake or something? It all looks the same.

I'll probably buy this someday, but I don't play enough Reach anymore to justify a day 1 purchase. About the only time I get to play Halo anymore is when we do a LAN-based game night, and then it's Halo 3 since that's what everyone's got.

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Re: Defiant Map Pack

Postby Fusion » Wed Feb 16, 2011 12:01 pm

I agree it needs more Covenant, city, snow, and underground maps, but they probably won't do another Flood map. The last Flood map they did was Cold Storage, and even then you were on the biomass for one room and another room had it behind a window. People hated Isolation (even though the map wasn't that bad itself) and it was mostly because it was a very dull green (which got even worse because Flood grass was growing over 5 minutes), gray, and underneath was a bunch of Flood biomass so it was a horrible orange-brown. I'm sure they monitored what maps were played the most in Halo 3 and made sure not to make something with as many vetoes as Isolation.

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