What color is it?

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What color is it?

Post by Noobasaurus »

I thought this would make for some fun. A lot of you have probably seen this already, but what colors do you see on the dress? Blue and black or white and gold?
Post your results below.

Here's a picture of the original, the blue and black, and the white and gold for comparison.
I see white and gold.

There's explanations for this, but we'll do it for fun here.
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Re: What color is it?

Post by Anakin »

That's really funny. when i saw the picture first (the first one you posted) i'd say it's blue/gold. and under the picture they sayed it's blue black or white gold :D

About your 3 pictures:
left: bright blue with bronze
middle: blue black
right: blue black

But it is obvious that the ambient light (left) falsify the picture
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Re: What color is it?



It's on Gametoast too? Here I thought it was bad when it was in War Thunder game chat.
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Re: What color is it?

Post by thelegend »

Hm well.
When I saw the photo for the first time here then it was white gold. But when I scroll down and up so fastly as I can then it's getting blue and black. And keeps the color.
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Re: What color is it?

Post by commanderawesome »

There's only one way to know for sure:
Skin a blue-black clone and a white-gold clone, give them as much specularity as possible, then play them on Mos Eisley or any map that's really bright with visual settings on high. See which one looks closer to the image. :P
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