TRON: The Grid Public Beta 1.0

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TRON: The Grid Public Beta 1.0

Postby ForceMaster » Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:42 pm



First beta version 1.0

Download from Mediafire


This beta version contents one world with 2 maps and 3 game modes in 2 eras.

Conquest: (CW) This map is a classic TDM with Lightcycle battle in the game arena,
(GCW) This map is a TDM + Team Race Mode with light runner in the game arena. Every team needs to complete 3 laps to win.

Assault: (GCW) This is the Tournament mode in the disc arena, something like FFA mode but in this you can not respawn once you dead.

Also, you can test it online in a dedicated server:

anthonybf2 wrote:I have not fully tested the mod on single player yet but I've gone ahead and setup a PC dedicated server hosting the mod on my paid server host. The location is LA, the name of the server is The TRON Server, the join password is gtfm and the server is being hosted on the alternative multiplayer service Gameshare/GameMaster.

Thanks again anthonybf2

Please post comments, bugs, ideas and more! thanks :D

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Re: TRON: The Grid Public Beta 1.0

Postby TWINKEYRUNAWAY » Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:40 pm

:D This is one of the most creative ideas ive ever seen done in battlefront after mass effect unification of course. I gave all the modes a go with some journey - separate ways and remixed versions of derezzed playing in the background of steam.

what I like so far:

Dude, the design is so spot on! I love both tron movies and im glad those movies gave you inspiration to do this. The glowing effects, the way you enter Clue's arena, the overall theme is great. My favorite game mode is the dueling. The scripts you use really work for the map and for your vision and I hope we can get more maps like this.

Some bugs ive noticed:
On the racing mode with the cars it seems to crash on my end every time I get close to the other racers. Im able to race around thge track but as soon as I get make 1 round and get behind the other racers, it freezes.

*Still testing.

Just some ideas that you may taken into consideration. Maybe we can get some custom combos animations in the future. Also some custom voice work for the programs and clues army. I would love to see Quorra as as a hero for the car sections or some female programs in the mix.

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