GCW-1035 [1.0.2]

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Re: GCW-1035 [1.0.2]

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Delta-1035 wrote:The mod is out!

Let me know what you think guys.

General Info

Credit list, in no particular order
-deviss: converted darth vader, improved deathtrooper, binoculars animations & constant helper

-aqt: squad shield odfs

-ggctuk: a280, converted tfu stormies, converted at-at, at-st, converted snowspeeder, rebel sandtrooper, snow luke models

-commander awesome: rebel female fleet, rodian rebel, honorguard models

-acemastermind: sullustan rebel model

-sereja: rt97c, imperial female officer, dl18, dh17, ee3, relbyv10, deathstar trooper helmet, dt29, dt12, x8, bossk models

-cdt.fox: dlt19, dlt19x models

-thelegend: dl44, e11, bobafett models & emperor's sprint animation

-darthd.u.c.k.: imploder, proximity bomb, jyn erso models

-milehighguy: converted scouttrooper model

-kinetosimpetuos: tl50 model & standing\aiming animations

-icemember: deathtrooper, jyn's pistol models

-conversion pack guys: converted greedo model

-skyhammer216: jyn's rifle model

-chadbad: converted imperial hovertank

-Gametoast community

I apologize if I missed someone and be sure to let me know if I did.
I recommend the Westar M5 to be used as the Rapid fire weapon similar to the RT-97c and Dlt-19, and the DC-15A to function similar to the T-21 light repeater for the Clone Wars mission.
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