Coruscant: Jedi Temple conversion issue

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Coruscant: Jedi Temple conversion issue

Postby Red04 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 11:19 am

Hi to all!

This is my first post on Gametoast, so because I'm new here I would like to present myself properly in a few words. ;) My nickname is Red04 (some players also know me as DarthRedux or CC-4398) and I'm basically a lover of the original SWBF videogame franchise. Apart from that, since last summer I've been involved in SWBF1 modding (I have in mind to do it in SWBF2 too, if time allows me).

Since then one of my first projects has been based on the conversion of maps from SWBF2 to SWBF1, and that is still in progress after taking a break so far. The truth is that this first project has helped me to know a lot about the data structure of the BFBuilder projects for SWBF1. At the moment I managed to convert some SWBF1 maps successfully, but not others. My last problem appeared when I corrected the collision of some .msh with XSI Softimage Tool from Coruscant: Jedi Temple. In this screenshot below it visually manifests itself...


This strange beam of light that appears in the Great Hall of the temple didn't appear on the map before I fixed the collision of some .msh. I tried to find out how I can remove it but I haven't succeeded (I've even looked at all the layers of the project to see if it was an object).

Any idea of what it can be and how it could be removed? Thanks in advance! :)

PS: If you are interested, feel free to contact me via Discord (Red04#2415)

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