[v1.4] Star Wars Battlefront II Remastered

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[v1.4] Star Wars Battlefront II Remastered

Post by Anakin »

Star Wars Battlefront II Remastered is an upgrade for the old Star Wars Battlefront II game.
While the gameplay itself already supported higher resolutions the menu interface did not. As a result the galactic conquest looks pixelated and stretched and furthermore there is a very limited amount of supported eras because it is not possible to display more then 5 at once.
This mod contains new HD background images, fixes for the stretched and pixelated content on widescreen Displays and additional support for more eras and game mods. Furthermore this mod comes with soundfixes and ai hero support for ALL eras maps and mods that do not already support it. But if you prefer the pure Battlefront II feeling you can disable this on a new settings page. There are also new features for developer and user. Special Thanks to Rayman1103 for this sound fixes and AI Hero script!

Q: My 1.3 settings have been changed after i installed this.
A: The settings for the 1.3 patch are now available through the new option page. The old way does no longer work.

Q: Nothing except the background images changed.
A: You need to run the game from the new created shortcut on the Desktop.

Q: I have a different resolution then 1920x1080, does the mod work for me, too?
A: Yes, edit the shortcut and change the resolution values.

Q: I don't like the new background images, i want to use my own theme. How can i do that?
A: Have a look at the detailed developer documentation it guides you to your own theme.

-- Setup

The menu will only showup in FullHD if you start the game from the new created shortcut. If you have a different
resolution than 1920x1080 you need to adjust the shortcut's paramter. (right-klick->Properties)

For steam users:
You can set the launch paramters in steam to avoid the confirm popup and to launch the game from steam instead of
the shortcut. Add "-resolution 1920 1080" to the launch paramter list.

-- Usage

You can change settings on the new Option->Remaster page. If you enable save instant options you need to go back
to this page and press "ok" to write your changes to the disk. To go back to default settings, disable this option,
save and restart the game.

If you are using a mod that uses my new script manager you need to "install" those scripts. Go to the option page
and press load scripts. This needs to be done only once after you add a new mod with remaster scripts. While loading
the scripts the game will not react for few seconds to minutes. Stay patien and wait for the script manager to
finish loading all scripts.
After installing new interface, theme or option scripts you need to restart the game.

-- Uninstall

You cannot uninstall this mod!

-- Credits

v1.3 patch - [RDH]Zerted
1.3 patch adjustment for steam - spiret
AIHero Script, sound fixes - Rayman1103
3D Meshs - ForceMaster, Indytotof, Alaris, MoneyKungFu & The Fallenangel, broken_hope, AceMastermind
Textures - Harrisonfog
HUD scripts - Aurion
Proofread - Teancum, Marth8880, Calrissian97

-- Contact

via GT: memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=6168
via ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/members/gtanakin
via Discord: Anakin#4516


v1.4 changelog
- new settings page
- new API 1.4 for custom minipages
- reworked HUD with new features
- fixed hero healthbar in vehicles
- fixed missing SBD award rifle HUD icon
- new and bigger font for each resolution
- new campaign loadscreens
- fixed crash when quit MP match
- fixed black screen bug when saving instant options
- improved data integrity test
- sound fixes by rayman removed due to compatibility reasons
- Tatooin sound fix still included and improved
- moved mod to addon folder
- major fixes and stability improvements
v1.3 changelog
- save match settings
- new developer functions (custom GC, user script, custom settings, HUD remove,...)
- detailed developer documentation
- new HD HUD
- v1.3 patch now included in the installer. No need to install it before
- several fixes

v1.2 changelog
- new option page for v1.3 settings
- aihero script integrated with settings on option page
- sound fixes included
- new project name

- fixed multiplayer screen
- mp session name now supports longer names
- increased font size
- included theme template
- improved installer that now removes all files

- higher resolution support for menu
- more game eras and mods per map supported
- new game icon


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Re: Star Wars Battlefront II HD Fullscreen

Post by Spiret »

Awesome! Will you change multiplayer screens? Or it is impossible?
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Master of the Force
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Re: [v1.2] Star Wars Battlefront II HD Fullscreen

Post by Anakin »

v1.1 released. Please uninstall the old version first, before you install the new one. Remember that the old installer does not remove the gc script from the gamedata\data\_lvl_pv\ folder. You need to remove it on your own. After you updated to the new v1.1 version the uninstaller will remove the file for you, so there is no more need to take care of the gc script from this mod.

Changelog and download on the first post.


Please uninstall the old version first, before you run the installer. If you want to select the game directory manually or if the v1.3 patch wasn't detected although it is installed, check the expert mod.
Changelog above on the first post, download link will be available soon
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