Barkhesh Map

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Barkhesh Map

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A planet of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron I , Barkhesh is a remote planet of the outer rim occupied by the Empire. The Rebel Alliance and Barkhesh's Resistance will liberate this planet... Or will do not?


My mod on ModDB: ... s/barkhesh

All weapons names was changed,

Blaster Rifle -> E-11 Blaster Rifle

Thermal Detonator -> Class-A Thermal Detonator



Some units was modified,

Pilot's pistol has been removed.

Dark trooper has changed his ARC Caster.
You have to descover more!

(All teams are balanced)
This map includes 3 gamemodes:


A normal conquest, Rebellion VS Empire. The resistance of Barkhesh will fight with the Rebellion against the Empire. Probe droid added in the Empire side.


A lot of pilots of the Rebellion VS a lot of pilots of the Empire.

-Hero Assault

It's a Hero Assault.
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