iamashaymin's April Fools 2019 Map

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iamashaymin's April Fools 2019 Map

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iamashaymin's April Fools 2019 Map


A prank map that was advertised to fix BF3: Coruscant for Steam/GoG versions of the game, stopping the crashing and making it Multiplayer compatible. Released April 1st 2019.
A lot had to be cut from this version of the map to get it running on Steam/GoG.
I hope you enjoyed all getting pranked this year by me again, I apologise for the missing file which does damage legacy mod installations, that was unintentional - hope to get you all again next year!
Original Text:
Enjoy playing this map together on Multiplayer this April 1st with the new Multiplayer Compatibility!
Join the BF3: Legacy Discord server here: https://discord.gg/j923fdW
To install simply drop the CO3 Folder in the RAR into your Addon folder and the User Script file into your _LVL_PC folder (This last step isn't needed if you already have Legacy installed)
Enjoy this masterpiece map! :thumbs:

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/tntt529q ... x.rar/file
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Re: iamashaymin's April Fools 2019 Map

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Whats up with all these fool's maps and no leget BF3 maps?
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