Star Wars Battlefront Announced at Celebration

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Post by arramus »

Cheers psych0fred,

The start of many, no doubt.

The Lucas Art Battlefront Publicity Team will be working overtime on this for the next few months. Let's hope they are forthcoming with some more in game video footage.
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Im hoping to hear more about the modding as well, such as will ALL of our past work be worthless in swbf2? How much difference will there be in the structure of folders/addons/modding in general in the new "updated" engine? Is yoda really princess buttercups lost son?
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Re: Star Wars Battlefront Announced at Celebration

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18 Years!
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Re: Star Wars Battlefront Announced at Celebration

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... wow. What a bump! I think we have a new forum record! How deep did you have to dig to get this fossil? :funny2:
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