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alzoc lll :blizzard

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2020 10:48 am
by wsa30h ... /alzoc-lll
this is a battlefront 2 map converted to bf1 by me original map made by gab.

Alzoc lll This map takes place on Alzoc lll. A frozen snowy planet. The battles will happen under an intense snowstorm. Your main enemies here will be the extreme cold and low visibility, making the combat a wearing engagement. A nearby abandoned facility is a good place to take shelter from the hazards outside, but be aware, a hostile can be waiting for you where you least expect.

This version of the map is based on the never released 2.0 version which has variants.

the conversion randomly picks between the blizzard dusk dawn and night variants each variant has different unique ambient sounds to make you feel more immersed.

minor bugs issues

on all but the blizzard variant the trees and objects flicker this was also present in the bf2 version of the map and cant be fixed as far as i know.