Need assistance in creation of new asssets and or replacment of stock asssets

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Need assistance in creation of new asssets and or replacment of stock asssets

Post by picklewrap »

Hello hello, I'm new to modding but am a long time player of battlefront 2 2005 and was wondering it would be at all possible to change existing assets and creating/adding new ones such as:

- visual effects for weaponry/environment/actions/powers
- voice lines/sound FX for units/objects/npcs/weaponry
- models for objects/vehicles/units
- new maps/alterations to stock maps
- new animations for units/objects/vehicles/weaponry
- adding additional functionality to units/objects/vehicles/weaponry/maps/map interactables
- modifying menus/making new menus
- modifying campaign/galactic conquest/hunt modes
- making new campaigns/galactic conquest modes
- altering physics/properties of objects/units

I'm well aware that much if not all that I've listed may be quite complex and I certainly don't expect to tackle these all at once.
My intention is to gather as much information as possible onto one post if possible as to cover as many areas as possible so myself or others won't have to go all over the internet to find an answer for problem or query be it simple or complex,
as more questions are answered I'll be adding it to this initial post so they'll be easily found by others
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Re: Need assistance in creation of new asssets and or replacment of stock asssets

Post by Sporadia »

If it helps, we kind of have that already. The site has a FAQ thread in the SWBF2 Modding section which everyone calls the sticky. And then for information about xsi, character modelling and character animation there's a second FAQ in the 3D Modelling & Animation section. For information which you can't find on those threads, there is a search function for people once they have an account.

I agree that searching is a pain but sometimes the things you need are so specific that there's no other way. I find it easier to search for odf parameters or lua commands than anything else. I also keep a word document with links to extra posts which aren't on the FAQs, and that reduces the amount I have to search for things. I suspect most of your bullet points have at least 1 tutorial covering the basics. But to some extent you won't know what posts you need until you need them. Like any question you have about hex editing or an odf parameter will have been mentioned once, in passing, 10 years ago, in the answer to a different question.
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