Better Polis Massa (Clone Wars) BETA In-Progress

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Better Polis Massa (Clone Wars) BETA In-Progress

Post by Destroyer13579 »

Hey all, this isn't a huge map addon, but it is enough to make the older Polis Massa look puny in comparison! I started working on this for one reason: Half of the map wasn't even used in the normal conquest mode. So what did I do? This is my first solo project, and here are the changes:

- It is still the same Polis Massa map, BUT there is a new 7th Command Post in the lookout tower. You know, that part of the map nobody knows about because nothing ever happened there :P Republic will be in control of CP's 1,2 and 7 at the start, CIS will have 4,5 and 6. 3 will be neutral and fought over.

- AI Heroes will spawn in to help either side. Yoda for Republic, Darth Maul for CIS (currently only Clone Wars.)

- 48v48 Conquest mode. (Again, only Clone Wars).

- A new trooper for the Republic: Medic Support Trooper. (Many more new/edited troopers are planned, but as I said I am still learning how to mod, so this first new one is good!)

If you would like to try it out, I have a working beta link for you right now. ... sp=sharing

Enjoy! :D Suggestions and criticism is always welcome with me since I am just starting.





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Re: Better Polis Massa (Clone Wars) BETA In-Progress

Post by suLac »

The pictures are not showing up for starters ... but I will download your beta and give it a try right now :)
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