Nebulon-B: Boarding Action

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Nebulon-B: Boarding Action

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Nebulon-B: Boarding action is a small map with four command posts, it takes place inside of a Nebulon-B frigate.
It features
custom Hero: Rebel Friend and Moff Jeremy each equiped with custom bulldog RL and grenade launcher
Rebel pilot stand-in for smuggler using default weapons

Only one era and game mode are available, which is Galactic Civil War Conquest
Match outcomes appear to be favored heavily by the rebellion due to how each team's ai behaves in tight corridors where the action takes place.





known bugs:

>sometimes players or npcs will clip out of bounds when approaching doors from the furthest left or right side, this should be fixed<
>Hero weapon hud icon is in the middle of the screen,
nothing can fix this unless the publisher of your side mod adds "neb_weap_MSrocket" to their "extraweapons.hud" file<
>You can clip through the big ship in the hangar,
the model for the ship has no clipping so I did my best in solving that issue myself.<
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Re: Nebulon-B: Boarding Action

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This looks really nice! Are you going to work on this? :)
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