Cross-Era Battles

New maps and mods are coming out quickly. If you release something (even a beta) please post it here. Be sure to give details in the topic such as Map/Mod name and version

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Cross-Era Battles

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to put out there that I have a new(ish) mod out! It is called "Cross-Era Battles", and you can download it from ! It adds cross-era to instant action. So you can play Empire vs Republic, Alliance vs CIS, or whatever else! There is a full description on the mod page. Anyway, feel free to check it out!

- Side note - I am working on a few things to add to it in the future. This includes vehicle support for certain factions on certain maps (like Republic and CIS on Hoth for example). I also plan to add support for maps from Battlefront 1, like Bespin Platforms.
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