.msh Exporter for Blender 2.8

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.msh Exporter for Blender 2.8

Post by SleepKiller »

Anyone that's been hanging around the GameToast Discord will know I've been working on this. It's a (WIP) .msh exporter for Blender.

It currently supports most needed .msh file features needed for SWBF2. (Most stuff should work for SWBF1 as well but I have yet to test that and work out what is different and what else needs adding.) In particular it supports,

- Editing .msh materials in Blender
- Hardpoints
- Collision Primitives
- Collision Meshes
- Terrain Cutters
- Shadow Volumes
- Object hierarchies, parent-child relationships in Blender are preserved in the exported .msh file

It does not currently have support for cloth, animations or skinned meshes. But if you'd like those features I'd encourage you to let me know and also test out the addon as it is currently and let me know how it goes. Currently I only want to create map props with the addon so it's fit for my purpose but if I see other people using and testing the addon and asking after those features it'll make me more inclined to spend the time working on them.

GitHub Repository
Installation Instructions
Latest Release

Feel free to report any problems you encounter, preferably on GitHub but doing so here or on my Discord server is fine to.
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Re: .msh Exporter for Blender 2.8

Post by LPMaster1996 »

So I also like to use the tool for units. Therefore, I would be very happy about an extension with Cloth
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